I was a guest blogger on a chemo brain blog by Idelle Davidson



The original blog (link below) was written 4 years ago…many things have improved since I originally wrote this.  A turning point in my improved memory function of all things was a surgery.  In February of 2012 I had a prophylactic mastectomy after finding out I had the BRACA2 mutation (the Breast Cancer Gene). I was given a complicated cocktail of anesthesia that included Propofol.

This was an 8 hour surgery that included reconstruction; I was put in a deep twilight for this surgery; I was awake right out of surgery to the surprise of the recovery room medical staff and myself for that matter (I usually don’t remember anything till being wheeled out of recovery).  I felt the change instantly.  As weeks progressed I noticed the color returning to my dreams…the creative thoughts creeping back in.  Feeling rested in a way that was indescribable. Napping had become a normal weekend mode, not any more (or for quite a while after).  My brain had been given a rest like I had never experienced in my life and my chemo brain was being restored to pre chemo status…well close anyway.  I truly thought this would never happen particularly with me aging post treatment.  Shout Out for Aging, the alternative sucks!  I am grateful to my anesthesiologist for listening and working miracles I never expected. There are so many bad side effects from treatment, meds, surgeries, etc…this was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

I think need-less-to-say I am doing so much better than at the time I wrote this original Blog.  Thought people going through this would like to hear a positive update!


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