Pop-Up Gallery Event 3/5 & 3/6

Pop-Up Gallery

Pop-Up Gallery

Soooo excited to share my 1st, of I hope many, Pop-Up Gallery shows!  Every person who comes to see the show (not just during the reception) will be entered to win a limited edition print..

Life is too short to wait for opportunities to come your way…I have decided to make my own: I have invited 4 other exceptional artists to join me.  Come and support the arts, chat with the artists and enjoy some nosh and refreshments during the reception on Saturday evening.

Jennifer Calderon  Photographer with a unique view of the world and the beautiful way she sees people.

Rigo Iglesias  Naturally talented photorealist sketch artist extraordinaire. He will be sharing some new pieces at this show.

Courtney Tomey  Brilliant young photographer who has the vision of an old sole…her talent far surpasses her age.

Norma Warden  When I saw Norma’s portfolio I was immediately taken with her artistic interpretation making every photo a fine art piece.  She is a seasoned artist with a distinct point of view.

Lisa Lewis  Me, what can I say.  I have been elevating my work to become a fine art photographer.  The journey has been incredible.  This will be the debut of showing my work at a public event.

Come have an ART ATTACK!

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