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I was a guest blogger on a chemo brain blog by Idelle Davidson

The original blog (link below) was written 4 years ago…many things have improved since I originally wrote this.  A turning point in my improved memory function of all things was a surgery.  In February of 2012 I had a prophylactic … Continue reading

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And The Project Officially Starts March 1st…

This gallery contains 8 photos.

The Studio started the project by placing gold hands in the shape of a heart that will be the focal point of the flag….

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Remembering Rudy…Honoring Rudy…

I wrote this in February of 2014…The project I discuss has never been completed and at some point I will complete it.  It has now been 4 years.  Every year I will repost this on Memorial Day.. Choose to remember … Continue reading

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Fighting Your HMO for Your Life

Take Note! Could not have imagined the insanity of a friends journey with health care this last 4 months;  I am writing this a bit prematurely because the War is still on to get a diagnosis and I do mean … Continue reading

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Sometimes amidst chaos dreams happen.  A trip to Italy…a trip of a lifetime; mine certainly was. It was a very emotional and complex journey.  I took the 13 hour trek by myself meeting up with my son, Nico and sister, … Continue reading

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I have been very busy…

Recently, my office had 60 days to relocate, to our benefit.  And my family decided to re-open our Taekwondo business after about a 6 year layoff (medical issues). I hope to be back to posting soon… Ken Lewis Taekwondo, Castaic, … Continue reading

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#Sandy Recovery…My NJ, My Heart!

Below is what I wrote just a week after “Sandy 2012” hit.  It hasn’t been a year yet and recovery is very slow.  The double edge sword of helping the individuals who have been displaced or restoring the shore and … Continue reading

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#Prayers for Oklahoma…

As I sit here and watch the news about the tornados my heart is crying for the people in the wake of the destruction.  Too many times I have been affected by disasters and this brings you back in an … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Year Since a Contest Gave Me a Voice…

Pink Ribbons… I remember the first words out of my mouth after the call from my GYN telling me I had Breast Cancer. “I can’t believe the rest of my life is going to be associated with a Pink Ribbon”. … Continue reading

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Thinking of Laura this Mother’s Day…still missing Sarah!

Mother’s Day…I have written many things about my mother and more importantly I tell my mother exactly how I feel about her almost everyday (don’t worry it’s all good).   So I’m pretty sure it’s ok that I take a different … Continue reading

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