#Prayers for Oklahoma…

As I sit here and watch the news about the tornados my heart is crying for the people in the wake of the destruction.  Too many times I have been affected by disasters and this brings you back in an instant.

I have many friends and family still in the danger zone this evening as they are warning everyone in 4 states it may not be over.  Be safe – we love you all.

The most recent for me personally was being the eyes and ears for my family in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I had the luxury of being in touch with my family throughout the storm.  The other side of that was that I knew every street and town that they were showing on the news.  It was my childhood memories being wiped out before me.  How do you explain to the people there on the ground that their way of life has changed from what they had known their entire lives.  I tried, until they were able to get out and about, then it started to sink in.  I was able to grieve for that loss before they even started or could grasp the destruction.  I had several family members that are first responders and going day and night non-stop helping.  Today seven months later things are still unrecognizable in some areas, people are not back in their homes, St. Paul’s in Bay Head and other churches are still providing meals…even with all the reconstruction that has been accomplished.  Jersey Strong!

I personally lived through the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.  We actually lived under the secondary epicenter in Santa Clarita.  Survival, shock, numbness, dazed, confused, surreal…all words that describe the feelings that kick in.  Community was comforting.  We had no utilities, no stores, businesses were cash only and you weren’t allowed into them.  It was like a war zone.  Yet several miles away it was like it never happened.  We drove out past the worst of the devastation to find the most surreal moment of my life.  Walking around a grocery store that had no shortages people shopping like normal.  I remember wanting to scream, “do you have any idea what happened.”  That experience taught me how unimportant things  were.  Everything breakable was broken.  None of that is important ever again.  Family being safe was the only thing that matters.

It is a flood of feelings that never truly leaves your soul.  May every person dealing with this tragedy be blessed as they move forward and reconstruct their lives.  America Strong! ♥

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