A Magical Moment…I Won’t Forget It Any Time Soon!

Callaway Jr World SeriesHave you ever had that feeling that you just witnessed something extraordinary?  A turning point; that moment that has the opportunity to mold a person into the person they are to become.  I recently had that magical moment happen over a two-day golf tournament.

I have known a lot of exceptionally talented people in my life, as I am sure most of you do and have as well.  A lot of talented people succeed on an average level being able to make a living at what they love.  Others flounder and survive in a chosen life all regardless of how talented they truly are, never giving up the dream and it is clear they should.  Not understanding why they don’t have success, but know they have the talent to succeed. Then there are those few who have the “it” factor.  They have the potential to be the best of the best in their chosen field.  Excelling when other’s, equally talented or more talented, fail.  Getting to see the exact moment “they know”, is an incredible endorphin producing experience.  I have seen and experienced similar success before…this was different.  It wasn’t me yet I could feel it as most people watching I am sure did as well.

Having a husband who molds golf champions for a living allows me the opportunity to watch the growth in people over long periods of time.  As any parent knows, just because your child has talent doesn’t mean they have the ability to display it at the time it counts most.  The entire reason why it is so hard to coach someone close to you.  It brings unrealistic expectations and disappointment for all involved and hard not to show all of the above causing conflict between people who love each other.  I have seen more talented people from musicians, athletes and entertainers etc. whose talents are unsurpassed and yet they never accomplish even their own ability or expectation of success.  They get in their own way…talent/ability does not always equal success.

As a black belt in Taekwondo I spent a lot of time at tournaments; as a referee, competitor and instructor coach.  There was a very talented fighter who you could not touch on sparring nights and was incredible in fighting exhibitions;  That great talent that only comes around once in a blue moon.  Watching this person when there was nothing on the line was pure excitement, you would never imagine that this person could ever be challenged.  Yet this competitor never had great success in fighting during tournaments.  There was never the play to win mentality, only the fight not to lose.  If I hadn’t seen this time and time again from this individual I would have never understood how important freeing yourself to succeed is.  If you play not to lose, you “may not” lose, but you “will not” win.  Luck would be your only chance.

On the opposite side of this, I recently watched a young golf student go from having a good round of golf in a tournament to becoming a challenger on the second day.  A 48 hour transformation into the person they are meant to become.  That first round was a good day where the student lived up to their own expectation; nothing particularly special, but a solid round.  The next day the student was told to make a statement on the first drive of the day.  If the drive were executed to the maximum ability it would send a message that they were here to compete.  Execution was perfect, the message sent and statement made.  Every hole increased belief and trust in the ability of this golfer.  During the round you never saw retreat and every stroke was intentional.  The last hole needed a par to win over the previous days leader. The pressure putt did not drop forcing a playoff.  You could actually see this person transforming during the round…growing and maturing in their play.  Even though there will be good and bad days ahead for this player, as golf is a very difficult game, you got the feeling this golfer was never going to be the same as they were just the day before.  Everyone watching felt it.  Even the playoff was exciting and went two hole’s, although the golfer wasn’t victorious in the tournament they were victorious in the paradigm shift of their golf life. The student was asked a few days later if they felt it and when.  Responding “I knew standing on the tee on the second day, I knew I could do it (catch the leader).”

Again, as I said in my last Blog…Do Not Fear Success! Go After It! Exceed your potential, exceed your dreams.  Once I heard Ted Turner say in an interview, “My dad told me to dream bigger then you can even imagine”.  He talked about how his father had set and met his goals and never seemed to continue on to bigger dreams. His goals and dreams had been met.  Dream bigger then you can imagine so you are always working toward something.

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  1. Will Hsu says:

    inspiring post 🙂


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